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We, your Family Mriesh and the all PRH-Team welcome you warmly to Princess Romantic Hotel.

A romantic-family atmosphere, elegant ambience and personality service go along with your holiday-stay in our Princess Romantic Hotel ?your king domes in the black forest?.

The Princess Romantic Hotel is a personally and privately run small hotel with all acceptability of modern hotel culture: ?gourmet kitchen, top quality Wellness and both personal service and kind hospitality of the highest standard?, and it?s located on the silent outskirts of the healthy climate H?chenschwand ?village upon the sky? in the naturally park of the south black forest. H?chenschwand Germany?s is the highest-located climatic health resort at 1015 m above sea level at one of the biggest mountain-back of the black forest over the Rheintal.

Enjoy the charms, the friendly hospitality, the gourmet kitchen and the style full hotel culture of our hotel.

Let us to spoil and enchant you in our hotel. We will be glad to welcome you personally in our hotel



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